Articles by Stephen M. duBarry, CFA

The Perils of Performance Chasing
All investors want to make the most of their hard-earned savings. However, a number of common behaviors have been shown to seriously harm investment results in the long run. Even seasoned professional investors can be lured into these pernicious behavioral traps. One of the most dangerous is a behavior known as performance chasing, in which investors select investments on the basis of past performance.

Should Long-Term Investors Hold Bonds?
The conventional wisdom on Wall Street is that long-term investors should keep a significant portion of their portfolios in bonds. Putting all of one’s savings in a diversified portfolio of stocks is commonly viewed as too risky, since stocks are notoriously volatile investments. On the other hand, bonds tend to provide significantly lower returns than stocks. Does a substantial allocation to bonds really benefit investors in the long run?

Are Annuities Wise Investments?
Insurance companies spend a lot of money on advertising aimed at convincing investors that buying an annuity is a wise investment decision. But are annuities actually good investments for long-term investors? This is an important question that deserves a thoughtful answer.

Biblically Responsible Investing

The Scriptural Basis for Biblically Responsible Investing
Until recently Socially Responsible Investing has been the domain of social liberals. However Christians, to their credit, have begun to wrestle with the issue of investing according to their convictions. In particular, Christians are striving to align their portfolios to Scriptural principles. Because the Christian's underlying presuppositions about God, man, creation, and truth are rooted in the Bible and are so different from the social liberal's, Christian investors have embraced the term Biblically Responsible Investing (instead of using the phrase Socially Responsible Investing). Thus adherents to Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) are asking, "If all of life, including business enterprises and financial markets, is under the lordship of Jesus Christ, how is He to be glorified in these spheres? If all of life is an act of worship, how are His people to honor Him with even their substance?"

Questions and Objections Relating to Biblically Responsible Investing
In The Scriptural Basis for Biblically Responsible Investing, we addressed several common questions and objections to BRI. However, we have fielded many other BRI-related questions over the years and determined that a separate piece, which specifically addresses those concerns, would be helpful. Consequently, this paper is an attempt to respond to the stumbling blocks and puzzling issues that some associate with BRI. Our goal, as always, is to search the Scriptures that we might acquire "good discernment and knowledge" (Psalm 119:66) to the end that the body of Christ would be edified and that God would be glorified.

When Screening Investments for Christian Values, Does Sin Win?
Stewardship Partners carefully backtested the S&P 500 index, comparing violators of BRI screens against non-violators. The results are reassuring to investors desiring to honor their Lord by aligning their investments with their Christian beliefs.

Dirt in the Dow Jones Industrial Average
A table listing BRI violations in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Sample BRII Parameter Ratings Report
A sample Biblically Responsible Investing Institute (BRII) Parameter Ratings Report for Viacom

Sample BRII Full Company Report
A sample Biblically Responsible Investing Institute (BRII) Full Company Report for Viacom

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